Non-dual Bodywork

Body-oriented methodology to develop self-awareness

We know and experience that the body really does keep the score. All traditional and contemporary body-oriented techniques that develop somatic self-awareness aim at the integration of body and mind. The methods differ in how and to what extent they reach a state of altered consciousness in which the embodied mind can be accessed and integrated.

Somatic Experiencing® (SE)

Somatic Experiencing ® (SE) focuses on the felt sense of hear-and-now bodily sensations thus helping the integrated connection of body and mind. SE is a careful, step-by-step set of practices widely used in trauma treatment, body and mind awareness processes and stress management. Somatic Experiencing is a methodology that integrates the finds of the latest research on neuropsychology and the best practices of conscious body-oriented techniques.


The word Yoga means “unification, to unite with.” You have to unite yourself with the whole. (Swami Rama)
The original purpose of ancient yoga was to preserve the health of the physical body and to recognise our true nature (vidja – real knowledge).
According to its teaching, the feeling of separation (between human beings, planet, God) is an illusion and with the help of directing attention inwards the illusion can disappear — we can recognise that atman (individual soul) and Brahman (cosmic soul) are the same.

“The Breeze At Dawn Has Secrets To Tell You. Don’t Go Back To Sleep. You Must Ask For What You Really Want. Don’t Go Back To Sleep. People Are Going Back And Forth Across The Doorsill Where The Two Worlds Touch. The Door Is Round And Open. Don’t Go Back To Sleep.”


Why is bodywork good for you?

In non-dual bodywork, which focuses on the here and now, the starting point of inquiry is the direct sense experiences of the freely moving body followed by verbally processed cognition.  


The main focus of non-dual bodywork is the preverbal phase of human psychosocial development and the pre-and perinatal phases of human existence, in other words, the experience connected to birth. The preverbal stages of human development are reachable and integrable through accessing the innermost sensations of the body and not traditional cognitive methodologies that rely more heavily on language and verbal mentalisation. This approach is especially important, as the themes of birth and early childhood, such as birth wound, twin loss, primal trust or autonomy are hidden in the deepest realms of human experience and are hardly accessible without consciously involving the first-hand sensations of the body.

Our Body

In non-dual bodywork the body is the metaphor of understanding how we sense our own intrapsychic processes and human connections. We invite the body to reveal the most intrinsic and truest narrative of ourselves and how we exist in the embodied world. This is why we believe that bodywork is the dance of life and freedom.

The Bodywork Group

Non-dual bodywork works with ego states and integrates individually and group focused techniques. Our workshops offer a safe environment with clear boundaries for all participants so that you can encounter your truest self.

“It’s a subtle thing, freedom. It takes effort; it takes attention and focus to not act something like an automaton. Although we do have freedom, we exercise it only when we strive for awareness, when we are conscious not just of the content of the mind but also of the mind itself as a process.”

Gabor Maté

Our team

We strongly believe in life-long learning, self-development and teaching which support us in being able to provide a compassionate, safe and professional space in service of our clients seeking personal growth and change. Our integrative body-oriented and trauma-informed work is supported by non-duality and science aiming to help a person develop a harmonious life, inner peace and balanced interpersonal relationships by improving self-awareness, compassion and cognitive realisation.


bodyworker, integrative family- and couples counsellor, psychodramatist, family constellator

I firmly believe in human values, our ability to cultivate self-awareness and the creation of safe holding spaces that enable compassionate self-inquiry. I look at human experiences from a non-dual perspective, which gives attention to that which is aware and not only the objects of awareness, i.e. thoughts, feelings and sensations, which we are aware of. Bodywork processes are embedded in a non-dual space where the body serves as an anchor into the here and now, enabling awareness to access any human experience in its entirety. Non-duality as an underlying approach includes mindful presence, cognitive mentalisation, a systemic approach borrowed from family- and couples counselling, as well as  transpersonal states often experienced in systemic constellation work.

Non-dual bodywork is primarily a group methodology to cultivate self-awareness, however I tend to integrate its essence into family- and couples counselling as well. In my experience, the body can feel like a safe space again when the mind is able to settle in the moment. As a result, our life can become more harmonious and free, and our interpersonal relationships may improve.

My fields of interest in bodywork processes are attachment and attachment wounds; intimacy; birth trauma; transgenerational legacy; strength and anger; flow and the art of letting go; loss and death.


Tanulmányok és önismeret (Education and trainings)

Magyarországi akkreditált képzések (Hungarian Accredited Education)

  • Wesley János Főiskola családkonzulens-családterapeuta szakirányú továbbképzés (MA) (John Wesley College -Family and Couples Counsellor MA)
  • Magyar Családterápiás Egyesület továbbképzései és szupervízió (Hungarian Family Therapy Association -continuing education and supervision)
  • Vadaskert Alapítványt továbbképzései (folyamatos jelleggel)
  • EFT Alapítvány –Érzelem Fókuszú Terápia (EFT) externship, kiképző: Dr. Scott Woolley és Hold Me Tight (Ölelj át!) csoportvezető-képzés, kiképző: Dr. Török Szabolcs (Emotion Focused Therapy Externship and Hold Me Tight program trainer)
  • Sématerápia pároknak, Nemzetközi Sématerápiás Egyesület, kiképző: Dr. Bálint Andrea (International Schema Therapy Institute Hungary -Schema Therapy with Couples)
  • Sématerápia a gyakorlatban, Magyar Családterápiás Egyesület, kiképző: Dr. Mathias Valente (Hungarian Family Therapy Association -Schema Therapy in Practice)
  • Napfogyatkozás Egyesület -Veszteség- és gyászcsoport-vezető képzés, oktatók: Singer Magdolna és Dr. Sarungi Emőke (Grief and loss counsellor training)
  • Bodywork Nonduális Szemléletű Táncterápiás Egyesület, kiképző: Pecsenka Nóra
    250 órás szomato- és táncterápiás önismereti és módszertani csoport; 250 órás bodywork asszisztens képzés, csoportvezető-képzés, Szupervízor: Schweder József (Non-dual Bodywork Level1 and 2 trainings -500 hours and supervision)
  • Somatic Experincing Hungary –alapképzés, kiképző: Giselle Genillard (Somatic Experiencing -Core Skills practitioner training)
  • Magyar Pszichodráma Egyesület
    250 órás pszichodráma kiképző csoport, kiképzők: Dr. Daubner Eszter, Dr. Daubner Béla (Hungarian Psychodrama Association -250-hour psychodrama training)
  • Magyar Hipnózis Egyesület, 150 órás NLP, ericksoni hipnózis, KIP önismereti és módszertani csoport, kiképző: Dr. Biró Gyula (Hungarian Hypnotherapy Association -150-hour NLP, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, KIP training)
  • Családállítók Szövetsége
    Integratív szemléletű családállító és szervezetállító képzés (180h), kiképzők: Dr. Agócs Gabriella, Farkas Zita (Hungarian Family Constellation Alliance -180-hour Integrative Family- and Business Constellation training)
  • Integratív Pszichoterápiás Egyesület
    -pszichopatológia tanfolyam;
    -kognitív és viselkedésterápia tanfolyam, oktató: Dr. Daubner Béla (Integrative Psychotherapy Association –Psychopathology training and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy training)
  • OH kártya instruktor képzés, traumakártya képzés, oktatók: Németh Lóránd, Fodor Józsa (OH associative cards training, trauma cards training)



Külföldi akkreditált képzések és önismeret (Accredited Trainings outside Hungary)

  • Glasgow Caledonian Egyetem -diplomás klinikai konzulens képzés (dipl. Clinical Counselling, Glasgow Caledonian University, Institute of Counselling)
  • Intuitief Ondernemen -Nemzetközi, szisztemikus szervezetállítás továbbképzés, oktató: Martijn Meima (Systemic constellation master class)
  • H. Almaas – Diamond Method, önismereti munkafolyamat


Digitális szemináriumok, külföldi akkreditált módszerspecifikus képzések, mesterkurzusok (Digital seminars, accredited master classes and continuing education)

  • Komplex trauma specialista tréning I, II, oktató Janina Fisher, Ph.D. (Complex Trauma Treatment Specialist Level 1 and 2, Janina Fisher Ph.D.)
  • Mindfulness-alapú kognitív terápia és stressz-csökkentés (MBCT), Richard Sears, Ph.D. (Advanced Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy and Stress Reduction)
  • Traumakezelés mesterkurzus, oktató: Dr. Bessel van der Kolk (Trauma Treatment Master Class)
  • Komplex traumakezelés a Belső családrendszer modellben (Internal Family Systems), oktató: Dr. Richard Schwartz (Complex Trauma Treatment with Internal Family Systems)
  • Sounds True Organization -Peter Levine Somatic Experiencing, trauma terápia alapjai kurzus, oktató: Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Treatment master class)
  • Együttérző vizsgálódás mesterkurzus oktató: Dr. Gabor Maté (Compassionate Inquiry Masterclass)
  • Érzelem fókuszú párterápia: kötődés-alapú intervenció krízisben lévő pároknál, oktató: Sue Johnson, Ph.D NLP Center (Emotion Focused Couples and Family Therapy –Attachment-based Intervention with Couples in Crisis)
  • Nemzetközileg akkreditált NLP képzés: NLP practicioner, master practitioner képzések
  • Relational Life Institute, RTL család- és párterápiás modell 1-2, kiképző: Dr. Terence Real (Relational Life Therapy for Couples and Families Level 1 and 2)
  • Mindsight Institute –Személyközi neurobiológia oktatóknak; Családok, gyermekek terápiája; Integrálás és fejlesztés kapcsolatainkban és a családrendszerben (Interpersonal Neurobiology Package for Educators; Families, Children and Therapy from the Inside Out; Presence, Integration and the Cultivation of Well-Being in Relationships and Family Systems), oktató Dr. Daniel Siegel
  • A hatákony párterápia 10 alaptétele, oktatók: Julie Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D., John Gottman, Ph.D. (Gottman Method -Effective Couples Therapy)
  • Transzformatív megközelítés a gyakorlati párterápiában, oktató Esther Perel, Ph.D. (Transformative Approaches in Couples Therapy)
  • Sématerápiás technikák, oktató: Wendy Behary (Advanced Schema Therapy Techniques)
  • Kognitív- és viselkedésterápia I, II, Beck Institute, oktatók: Aaron T. Beck, Judith S. Beck (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Level 1 and 2)
  • The Virginia Satir Global Network (régen AVANTA) –Satir-folyamat alapjai I, II (Satir Process Fundamentals, Satir Process)
  • Dulwich Centre Foundation -Narratív terápia továbbképzés (Narrative Therapy)


Egyéb képzések

2011-12 Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem -Minőség menedzser másoddiplomás továbbképzés (Quality Management)

2002-2005 Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Angol-Amerikai Intézet; Arisztotelész Egyetem Thessaloniki -posztgraduális képzés (English postgradual program)

1997-2002 Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Angol-Amerikai Intézet; Arisztotelész Egyetem Thessaloniki -Angol nyelv és irodalom szak MA diploma, Amerikanisztika szak (1997-1999) (English MA)


psychodramatist, yoga instructor, integrative family constellation facilitator, bodyworker

Since I was little, I have been interested in the purpose and meaning of being beyond the realms of concept and form. I have always been fascinated with self-inquiry accessing the depths and secrets of the human psyche, as well as the patterns of human behaviour, thoughts and actions. I believe that everything exists in us from birth and we only need to find ways in order to allow it to surface.

I look at human phenomena from a non-dual perspective, the essence of which is that the world of forms can be experienced from a space of all-encompassing One-ness, where there is no separation but everything is One. In bodywork processes, we see that the body is the tool via which we enter the here and now, enabling us to access the narrower and more expanded states of awareness. We can allow our innermost and truest experiences to show and to become integrable.

Throughout bodywork processes, we tune in with what truly wants to emerge in a deep connection that has the power to heal and renew our relationship with self and others.
In a safe holding space, we form a new, living connection with our body and can experience the freedom of decision born out of awareness, as well as a new sense of responsibility for our own life.

My own style as a helper has been shaped by ancient teachings, various philosophical, psychological and spiritual modalities searching the essence of human nature. The foundation of my work is based on the respect and awareness of the inter-connectedness of body-mind-spirit and the knowledge that this awareness can help us on our journey as humans.

My main fields of interest in bodywork processes are: attachment; transgenerational effects; intimacy; creation and conception; incarnation and birth; boundaries; strength and power of self; flow and the art of letting go; femininity; shame; loss and death.


1036 Budapest,

Lajos u. 74


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